At Fusion Solar & Electrical we are a recognised and endorsed company to standardization ISO 9001. As a Safety connect member and a Master Electrician this requires a strict safety plan that has to be adhered to. This also means that we are audited bi-annually by an external company to ensure all of our processes are up to speed.

No expense is spared in ensuring safety obligations are met. Whether it be harnessing or other protection devices we have the most up to date safety systems and equipment to ensure a ZERO HARM workplace. Our employees are the most important link in worksite and workplace safety and scheduled training, safety and toolbox meetings ensures we stay ahead of any potential hazards and risks this is vital in ensuring moving forward that we remain a zero accident and injury workplace.

Any questions on processes or safety equipment and documentation feel free to contact our office and talk with our friendly and helpful staff who will be able to answer any questions that you may have.