Fusion Solar & Electrical provides and services solar systems from 1kW to 1mW and only supplies and installs the most reputable brands. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or create a passive income stream; solar will not only accomplish these goals, but also add a valuable asset to your home or business. Having a solar system lowers your bottom line and becomes an attractive bonus when selling or renting your property.

Off-grid solar

If you are on a property where power is unreliable, or simply want to free yourself from power supplier strongholds and price rises; off-grid storage systems are for you. We can supply and install a number of different systems to suit any household requirements. This means you will never lose power, even in storms and cyclones (and become a very popular neighbour!).

Here are some frequently asked questions which may assist with some of your initial queries:

What is solar energy?

In a nutshell, solar is a way to generate the power that your house is consuming and push any excess energy back into the grid. This is credited to your Ergon Energy account and can result in a reduced or zero electricity bill; or even a credit if you generate more power than you use. If your IES (Inverter Energy System) agreement was submitted before July 9, 2012 you will receive 44c per kilowatt/hour (kW/h) for your excess power generated. Otherwise you are eligible for 8c per kilowatt/hour (kW/h), which can still have fantastic results in reducing power costs and producing environmental benefits.

Why get a solar system?

Whether you’re a business looking to lower your bottom line and become more carbon neutral, or a homeowner who is constantly struggling to meet the rising costs of living; a solar system is for you – we just need to have a chat about the size! Escape the costs of running air-conditioners in summer (guilt-free comfort) and hot water in winter by installing your own solar energy system.

I’m not eligible for the 44c scheme; does this mean that solar is no longer worth doing?

No, this is not the case at all. It simply means that the solar system and your power usage need to be carefully planned to ensure that you are getting the best result from your system (and not gifting Ergon your power). Put simply, your pay-back period will be longer than counterparts on the 44c scheme, although you are still eliminating a utility that you would otherwise pay quarterly indefinitely.

Does the solar energy created cancel off my Tariff 33 portion of my bill?

Yes. The excess power created on Tariff 11 that is pushed back into the grid will go towards credits that will pay your Tariff 33 portion of the bill. Those who have hot water and air-conditioners on the cheaper tariffs will benefit more from the solar system’s output.

Does having a solar system mean that when we lose power we will still have power from our system?

No. Unfortunately, when the grid loses power so does your solar system. This is to ensure that workers repairing infrastructure, such as powerlines, remain safe. We can introduce a back-up power supply for these times; whether it’s a battery or standby generator.

How can I find out more and start taking the steps to get solar?

Contact Fusion Solar & Electrical and we will walk you through the simple process involved in installing a solar system and gladly answer any questions you may have.