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We send one of our qualified electricians to evaluate your house.

The average household consumes between 12 and 18 units (kW/h) of energy per day. We have a range of different packages that are designed to suit all different household and business needs.

One of Fusion Solar & Electrical’s great advantages is:
All packages come with an extended inverter warranty to 10 years; PLUS a 12-month cleaning and maintenance check-up quarterly at no extra charge.

System sizes and energy units generated

Please note: these figures are a very conservative estimate - your system can perform up to 40% better than the figures quoted in this table.

PV System Size Number of 250W LDK Panels Units of electricity generated daily
1.5kW 6 x 250W Panels 6.5 units
2.0kW 8 x 250W Panels 8.5 units
3.0kW 12 x 250W Panels 12.6 units
3.5kW 14 x 250W Panels 15 units
4.0kW 16 x 250W Panels 17 units
4.5kW 18 x 250W Panels 19 units
5.0kW 20 x 250W Panels 21 units
5.5kW 22 x 250W Panels 23 units

- All per-day unit amounts are based on the true industry standard of 4.2 peak sun hours on photovoltaic (PV) panels using quality modules. This may vary with seasons and environmental conditions.


Premium Range

SMA Aurora LDK Trina solar


Value Range

MNIK Omnik New Energy Alex Solar